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The next generation for Ultracopier is in sight (Ultracopier 0.3 alpha)
I am currently toying with a working version of Ultracopier. Here is my present for Christmas:
Help of ultracopier options ultracopier plugin information ultracopier plugin installer of ultracopier plugin list into ultracopier test interface of ultracopier
Development is still going on. Remember that this version will not be publicly released until donations refund the version 0.2 development costs.
I am looking for motivated people to join the Ultracopier team (developer, translator, idea, poll reply, designer, webmaster, KDE/Gnome integration, ...) because I am on my own.
News features:
  • Online updater + website to download plugins
  • On the fly application of language/interface/copy engine -> plugin in general
  • Choose your copy engine for better control (KIO under KDE) and performance
  • Copy engine for everything (http -> download web site, ftp, rsync, ...)
  • Wait for a copy from everywhere (network, interception plugin of other software, ...)
  • Plugin to support catchcopy protocol 0002 with the provided API
  • SDK for some plugins + API and documentation for the protocol catchcopy