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Version 2.0 starting
Now thanks to release ot llvm 4.0 and gcc 7 I can start the version 2.0. Due to very low income for this proyect, I will take 2 years to finish it I thnks
Thanks to CatchChallenger I can to better CPU and memory improvements. The plant is do new engine more low level, less compatible but have event driven copy/move, better speed of transfer, be able to be more OS specific, do more correct the copy/move (tree analis, rights, date, ... all better).
Actually I don't have funds to work on it. The donation and buy are welcome to start as soon the new version.
One of the target is be ready to use correctly the Optane SSD on NVMe with large queue deep and the new generation of storage (very different of HDD access stream).
Have a good day