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Version 2 Pre-alpha
What are the changes of version 2 :

Switch of Qt to C, which allows not to suffer the various bug never fixed and limitation of Qt. The old engine is always the one in a plugin.
So we go from a generic engine to a specific engine for each OS, do the internal data, access to files/folder are specific.
Which allows to have a better management of the errors disk/FS/OS, to have a complete range of access to the files (asynchronous/synchronous, native/stream).
The more complex the software, the more potential bugs.
And since it's your data that I handle and that users want features that nobody uses, I decided to remove the most invasive and/or less useful features (checksum, pause, limitation of speed).
I can't officially support Mac for packaging, having to test the code on a system I can't control and the OS X user count is very low.
The license of Ultracopier 1 is not compatible with the 2, because the version 1 has been supported for many years, this will finance a faster advancement of version 2.
With the new engine, performance is 3x higher in some cases. And I think I can go even further in performance.

If you want to help me or help with the software:
  • I can do remote jobs to fund the dev into dev/sysadmin/telecom
  • I want to remake the interface of Ultracopier, do you have any ideas? (I'm not UX design, and the 2D part has to walk without acceleration)
  • Buy your VPS/Hosting at