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ISP and datacenter service
Portable datacenter for Ultracopier and CatchChallenger thanks to Confiared Hello,
Due to lack of funds I need work to eat, I remain aware to gcc 7 to start Ultracopier 2, but I will start ISP and datacenter service (PaaS) in Bolivia (Santa cruz de la Sierra).
The company will be funded under the name Confiared, I hope live to this project and stop with this difficulties to eat.
Thanks to the partners I have this for Ultracopier and CatchChallenger project (more info on the wiki of CatchChallenger):

Version 2.0 starting
Now thanks to release ot llvm 4.0 and gcc 7 I can start the version 2.0. Due to very low income for this proyect, I will take 2 years to finish it I thnks
Thanks to CatchChallenger I can to better CPU and memory improvements. The plant is do new engine more low level, less compatible but have event driven copy/move, better speed of transfer, be able to be more OS specific, do more correct the copy/move (tree analis, rights, date, ... all better).
Actually I don't have funds to work on it. The donation and buy are welcome to start as soon the new version.
One of the target is be ready to use correctly the Optane SSD on NVMe with large queue deep and the new generation of storage (very different of HDD access stream).
Have a good day

Hackmeeting beni 2016

As each year I go expose to meeting where I live (bolivia), and other meeting (conasol, flisol, pgday, ... all related with opensource software, hacking, technologie).
Hackmeeting Beni Bolivia 2016 Hackmeeting BRULE Herman alpha_one_x86 Bootcamp and summit bolivia 2016 PgDay bolivia 2016
Some time is on security, some time on IT, server, cluster, ... my talk go from compression, crypto as protocol, file format, OS, FS...
I'm a sponsort of this event too


Sorry for the problem
Sorry for the problem, I have update all my vps to algin all the innovation and dev platform on gcc 4.9 and C++11. Switched from vserver to lxc. I have change too from MySQL to MariaDB, update PostgreSQL to 9.5 for CatchChallenger in version 2 in cluster mode (and ready for CassandraDB). But some provider have ipv4 failover but lack of ipv6 failover.
I have updated Ultracopier to, that's improve some bug, but if you have problem with this new version repport it on the forum.

Ultracopier/Supercopier need you!
Ultracopier and Supercopier need beta tester for the next version (link correct for only few week), it's unpackaged version, no installer + console.
Can you repport to me if have new bug? I have do some risky change, mostly to fix the lnk under windows, and the inode thread on all OS.

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