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Christmas version for Ultracopier 0.3

I'm happy to bring you the Christmas edition of Ultracopier 0.3. It is in alpha state but can be used without major issues. Ultracopier 0.3 raises the bar for performance. The module to intercept the copy under Windows (catchcopy) has been updated to the latest version. The plugin support is yet to be finished. The website for plugins and updates is still on the todo list. Only a French translation is available but you can ask me for a translation pack. Ultracopier 0.3 is based on Qt 4.8.
By default, the interface is similar to supercopier's but teracopy's is also available. This version should be on par with 0.2 regarding features but with increased performance and data safety. The support and development of version 0.2 is definitively stopped.
Read my comparative review between Ultracopier, supercopier, teracopy, copy handler

This release is not officially marked as stable but should not cause any major issue. Don't forget to post your feedback in the forums. Thanks.
Keep in mind that 0.3 won't be released until donations refund the freelances of version 0.2

Happy christmas!

EDIT: version is out, lot of improvement, included for windows
EDIT2: I update for each new version