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Beta of Ultracopier 0.3
Hello, today I have released the beta of Ultracopier 0.3.
It's the, most know bug is fixed, I wait the version of Qt5 to fix the last know bug with Ultracopier 0.4 (based on Qt5, better performance, smaller size).
You can report to my all the bug what you see.

The features are implemented, what's new from 0.2:
  • Big performance boost, mainly on small files
  • Plugins (instant loading/unloading, same with translation)
  • Checksum, renaming rules, more advanced options, filters, ...
  • More ergonomic
  • Log of operation (transfer, ...), transfer list (save/load)
  • Transfer mode (mixed copy/move)
Evolution (0.1 -> 0.2 -> 0.3):
  • Size of cpp + h with code: 250KB -> 350KB -> 800KB
  • Size of application: 15MB -> 4.3MB -> 4.6MB
  • Performance indices: 1 -> 10 -> 50
  • Security: 1 -> 2 -> 5

I have open the Ultracopier's shop to support Ultracopier. You can buy the ultimate version (more plugin like teracopy interface, optimized by cpu), and will come the professional only plugin.
Continue to donate to support the open-source developing, and buy for support open source and custom developing.
All the translations are welcome.