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Comparison of ultracopier, SuperCopier, TeraCopy and copyhandler

I wanted to compare my product to be full all copiers existing file. Take it for a more personal view, I therefore compared ultracopier, supercopier, teracopy and copyhandler

Here none of: I compare the real feature, and no-subjective value.

Logo d'ultracopier

Ultracopier / Supercopier 4

Logo de supercopier

The benefits of Ultracopier overlooked other copiers in my opinion:
  • Multi-plateform (linux, mac and windows)
  • Written in C++ for all peaple can develop
  • Lot of version (normal, 64Bits, portable, debug)
  • Written in Qt to take advantage of this lib (translation, themes, css, plugin, ...)
  • Try standardized a maximum of things and to share up to code, and to a maximum of lib internally and with other Copiers
  • Increased vigilance for the safety of transferring data
  • Very good roadmap and technical document or simplified, good community and very responsive developer (I have tools for high performance instant notification)
  • Nice site tailor-made and a platform to create a great community
  • Updated regularly, git version available for the latest version not yet released
  • Faults in the site (we just not be good everywhere), English not very English
  • Very few donations so I can not devote myself fully to ultracopier
  • Some translations are done via Google Translator, but facilitated the translation system will have to change it
Logo de supercopier

Supercopier 3

The benefits of SuperCopier Other copiers in my opinion:
  • Longstanding
  • Runs under wine if you throw the copies by hand
  • Open source
  • Written in Pascal, no developer can help
  • Control missing (on config load, during the file copy)
Logo de teracopy


The benefits of teracopy free overlooked other copiers in my opinion:
  • Copy parameter adaptation according to the media source and destination
  • Paying
  • Few change
  • No option to copy window
  • Crash under windows 8 (bad bug/crash prevention)
  • Only under windows
  • Utility to manage the buffer size by the slider highlighted on the interface?
Logo de copy handler

Copy handler

The benefits of copy handler overlooked other copiers in my opinion:
  • Written in C + + for everyone to develop, but some specific to Windows and Visual Studio required
  • Is efficient
  • Small window ready systray that bit better suit some
  • Only under Windows and had problems with new windows, but it's fixed
  • Version enough sleep (was done mostly middle 2009), only maintained, no new version planned
  • Interface fairly hot oven and useful information for developers who want to optimize
  • There is no portable version
  Ultracopier 1.0/Supercopier 4 Supercopier 3 Teracopy free 2.27 Copyhandler 1.32
Windows 8 4
64Bits version 5
Version portable 1
Totally Free
Use catchcopy
Skins/Themes 2 2
Mode detailled
or simple
Default action for
Management for
the copy list
Limit the speed
Rename rules
Options of copy avanced
Add new file
in copying
Control space
Version debug with report 3
Keep first plan
Keep the rights
Copy engine options
Choosing the copy engine
Detection updated
All the errors is checked
Out of buffer don't do heavy seek
News, site dedicated, forum, wiki
Fast support
Recent activity
  1. Have bad support of mixed architechture, and no intercept the copy
  2. Some slight customization of interface elements
  3. Encrypted file / binary is too small to have sufficient information in case of trouble
  4. Crash on copy and after close on windows 8 64Bits
  5. Have lot of duplication of dll/exe into 32Bits