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Ultracopier 0.4 in 32bits and future of Supercopier
Good news, Qt 5.0.1 fix a lot of bug, bug few remaining. The most important fixed allow the compilation of Ultracopier into 32Bits.
I see a lot of user complain of bug for Ultracopier. For the user, the stability is only if Ultracopier is correctly used by default at the copy.
Report the bug, reply to the question. I will fix it, in general in a few days.
Else how do you want improvement if I don't know the bug!
Supercopier will be continued to have the minor improvement, and Windows compatibility improvement. But for the general structure, changes will not be made (error management, copy mechanism). Why? Because lost 3 years to do the same as Ultracopier is useless (especially into a language few known). But I can change my opinion.
Once again, the performance is not the first Ultracopier's target (even if it's correct, see the comparision). The first target is the data security, the seconds is the features.