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Supercopier 3 and Ultracopier
I need beta tester for Supercopier 3 in 2013. For more details see my post of supercopier (french) into my blog.
I have done some minor revision of ultracopier to fix some bug (both ultracopier and Qt). I wait the Qt revision, to fix minor artifact. After I will start the next version and the new plugins.
Thanks to support the project (by funding the development), that's allow do professional (and not amator) project/quality/code.
EDIT: version of Supercopier published
  • Full and native management of unicode
  • UAC support for windows
  • Code improvements
  • Better dll loading to remplace the copy system
  • Better packaging
  • Remake of code for lazarus
  • Performance improvement
EDIT2: If you have other translation of Supercopier other than: German, Spanish, French, Portugues, Tieng Viet. Send me it, thanks.
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