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Supercopier/Ultracopier little?
Hello Everyone,
I'm thinking of producing a small version of Ultracopier/Supercopier. I'm envisaging this version as one that directly opens the copy window and does not have a systray icon. I would like to port it for mobile phones and tablets including Android and iOS.

If you are as enthusiastic about this as I am, then please make a donation. An inflow of funds will help me to make this great tool into a reality.


Supercopier 4 is out!
Supercopier 4 is out! It's more advanced than the Ultracopier skin, and take all the advantage

The new version of Ultracopier has many new improvements too some of which came from work on Supercopier. In order to help me continue this cutting-edge work, please help development by buying the Ultimate version, or by making a donation.

Thank you!

Version 1.0!
I'm please to announce that version 1.0 has just been released. The new release has many new features including:
  • Better data security
  • Better performance (thanks to a new algorithm)
  • Supercopier skin have been added
  • The packaging add the static version
  • Update detection, a feature that is missing from Supercopier.
  • And a great number of bug fixes
What is a mess under Ultracopier:
  • Speed limit
  • User request when the user have not look the FAQ
I've received many requests for improvement, some of which I have not yet been able to implement owing to time constraints. Some requests are rather silly or illogical and I must ignore them to focus on my ongoing development work.
EDIT: We now accept Bitcoins at the Prestashop as payment for Ultracopier, and as donations to help fund the development of Ultracopier
EDIT2: We are pleased to offer a free version of the UltraCopier Ultimate version at exchange of GPU time to fund the project.

Have good day

Ultracopier 0.4 in 32bits and future of Supercopier
Good news, Qt 5.0.1 fix a lot of bug, bug few remaining. The most important fixed allow the compilation of Ultracopier into 32Bits.
I see a lot of user complain of bug for Ultracopier. For the user, the stability is only if Ultracopier is correctly used by default at the copy.
Report the bug, reply to the question. I will fix it, in general in a few days.
Else how do you want improvement if I don't know the bug!
Supercopier will be continued to have the minor improvement, and Windows compatibility improvement. But for the general structure, changes will not be made (error management, copy mechanism). Why? Because lost 3 years to do the same as Ultracopier is useless (especially into a language few known). But I can change my opinion.
Once again, the performance is not the first Ultracopier's target (even if it's correct, see the comparision). The first target is the data security, the seconds is the features.

Supercopier 3 and Ultracopier
I need beta tester for Supercopier 3 in 2013. For more details see my post of supercopier (french) into my blog.
I have done some minor revision of ultracopier to fix some bug (both ultracopier and Qt). I wait the Qt revision, to fix minor artifact. After I will start the next version and the new plugins.
Thanks to support the project (by funding the development), that's allow do professional (and not amator) project/quality/code.
EDIT: version of Supercopier published
  • Full and native management of unicode
  • UAC support for windows
  • Code improvements
  • Better dll loading to remplace the copy system
  • Better packaging
  • Remake of code for lazarus
  • Performance improvement
EDIT2: If you have other translation of Supercopier other than: German, Spanish, French, Portugues, Tieng Viet. Send me it, thanks.

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