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The final version is out
I'm happy that's announce the final version 0.2 of ultracopier. This version add the correction of last bug found after long verification (lot of software like winmerge used for check it), bugs when using translation, and correction of English, and the translation into 12 language (and the writing of a page for do your translating or correct the existing translating)

For the next version lot of unique novelty into the copier, like: plugin, auto-updater, choice of the engine of copie, direct download or via the site of plugins/languages/resources by rating, download, ... But of course: optimization, remake, ... and using the next version of the catchcopy protocol
But few donate, then I will not do the next version at the same speed, because I have a life (rare case for a geek lol), and I can't re buys again freelance with only my cash.

EDIT: Update of the version for include the german translation.