Choose another language: Ultracopier (comme Teracopy, SuperCopier), pour remplacer la boite de dialogue de copie de fichier Ultracopier (Teracopy, SuperCopier like), reemplazo de los archivos de copia de los cuadros de diálogo
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Ultracopier is free and open source software licensed under GPL3 that acts as a replacement for files copy dialogs. Main features include: play/pause, speed limitation, on-error resume, error/collision management ...

  • Community


    Brings multiple kind of communities together (users, developers, designers, ...).
  • Run every where

    Run everywhere

    Works with all devices: hard drives, usb keys, cdroms, ... Cross-platform compatibility: Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Customisable


    On-demand customisation through a large choice of skins and plugins. Available in many languages.
  • High performance and control

    High performance and control

    Ultracopier is faster than most default system tools. It provides many advanced features such as: start/resume the copy process, speed limitation, search through the copy list ..
  • Error and collision management

    Error and collision management

    Ultracopier predicts internal and external errors. It results in detailed information dialogs which allow you to pick up the best solution (eg. always overwrite, overwrite if newer, ...).



Version 2 Beta

Ultracopier 2
The version 2 go to Beta, it's not stable but the it's mostly features/structure finish.
Above you can see the definitive interface for the version 2, normal mode with your interface style and color will be available.
You can visualize the file/folder size, the copy speed by file size, the lasts copy speed.
I do the style with GIMP, see the how to Glow progression bar for Ultracopier 2 ui black, I will improve this, but the actual style is correct.
Download the version 2 Beta
Finally I will keep the version Mac OS X, the compatibility is not so hard.

If you like the project, but your key for the version 2
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Version 2 Pre-alpha

What are the changes of version 2 :

Switch of Qt to C, which allows not to suffer the various bug never fixed and limitation of Qt. The old engine is always the one in a plugin.
So we go from a generic engine to a specific engine for each OS, do the internal data, access to files/folder are specific.
Which allows to have a better management of the errors disk/FS/OS, to have a complete range of access to the files (asynchronous/synchronous, native/stream).
The more complex the software, the more potential bugs.
And since it's your data that I handle and that users want features that nobody uses, I decided to remove the most invasive and/or less useful features (checksum, pause, limitation of speed).
I can't officially support Mac for packaging, having to test the code on a system I can't control and the OS X user count is very low.
The license of Ultracopier 1 is not compatible with the 2, because the version 1 has been supported for many years, this will finance a faster advancement of version 2.
With the new engine, performance is 3x higher in some cases. And I think I can go even further in performance.
ultracopier-windows-x86_64- (not stable, don't use in prod)

If you want to help me or help with the software:
  • I can do remote jobs to fund the dev into dev/sysadmin/telecom
  • I want to remake the interface of Ultracopier, do you have any ideas? (I'm not UX design, and the 2D part has to walk without acceleration)
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Version 2 cleaning pause and speed limitation


I'm cleaning ever more the code for the version 2. I drop mostly the features: Pause, speed limitation and checksum.
Why? Because this features is bug prone, do the code harder to maintain.
Why is better? I can use native OS function (with target os copy without pause and speed limitation), this improve the file manipulation, stability and speed.
The old engine will remain available, Mac version will be dropped (too many code, too few user).

Last cache update: Wednesday 10th of July 2019 01:20:59 AM

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